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Bhagyalaxmi Result Today: Winning Lottery Numbers (Bhagyalaxmi Chart)

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About Bhagyalaxmi lottery

Bhagyalaxmi lottery has become a renowned lottery in India that is administered by the government of the states from Kerala as well as Maharashtra. The lottery’s name comes from its patron saint, Hindu goddess of luck, Bhagyalakshmi. Lotteries are conducted on a Monday, and the initial prize is Rs.1 crore (approximately $1142,000). The lottery draws are made with a mechanical device dubbed”the Quick Pick or QP machine.

There are many methods of checking you Bhagyalaxmi result. Check on the official site of The Maharashtra state government as well as and the Kerala governor’s office, or a variety of websites which provide check-your-results services. You can also find the results in a few publications that feature the winners’ numbers.

If you’ve been awarded the prize, it is important to take it back within 30 days from the date of the draw. Prizes are available in any district office in the Maharashtra state government, or at the headquarters for the Kerala state government in Thiruvananthapuram. If you’re seeking the prize amounting to Rs.1 lakh (approximately $1,422) or greater, you’ll be required to present a duplicate of your PAN card as well as a copy of the winning ticket in order when you want to collect your winnings.

What exactly is Bhagyalaxmi?

Bhagyalaxmi offers an online lottery service which allows you to buy lottery tickets and view the results for different lotteries at the convenience of your home.

How do I play Bhagyalaxmi?

Bhagyalaxmi is one of the most very popular lottery game across India. It is played by picking six numbers, ranging from 1 to 35. This is known as the Bhagyalaxmi draw results for the lottery are held on Tuesday and Saturday.

To play the game you can purchase tickets at a licensed retailer or play on the internet. If you choose to play on the internet, you’ll have to choose six numbers between 1 to 35 and then submit your ticket prior to the time limit.

The Bhagyalaxmi lottery results are drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 6:00 pm IST. The results are posted through the official site as well as in the newspapers.

How can I verify Bhagyalaxmi results?

Bhagyalaxmi is a lottery game conducted in the Indian state of Maharashtra, India. It is played on a Monday, and results are announced the following day. To check Bhagyalaxmi results, log on to the official website of the Maharashtra State Lottery Department at On the home page of the site you can click on the Bhagyalaxmi Results button under the section “Results. It will bring you to a page on which you can see the latest as well as the previous Bhagyalaxmi results.

Check Today’s Bhagyalaxmi Result & Bhagyalaxmi Chart

Bhagyalaxmi winning numbers

The Bhagyalaxmi lottery is an annual draw that occurs on Wednesdays. To win players must be able to meet all six winning numbers. The highest prize is one crore and it’s second place prize 10 lakh rupees. Also, consolation rewards worth $ 5,000 and $ 2,000 for those who can are able to match five or four winning numbers, respectively.

Bhagyalaxmi prize structure

Bhagyalaxmi lottery has several prize levels, each with the chance to win based on its own odds. The biggest prize, also known as the jackpot, is given to the person who holds the ticket with the winning six numbers. The second prize is awarded to the ticket holder who has five numbers that match, and is then the third prize for those who have four numbers that are in a match. Here is a complete description of Bhagyalaxmi prizes you could be awarded and the chances of winning them:

  • Grand Prize (jackpot) 1 of 21,846,048
  • 2nd Prize 1 of 913,129
  • The Third Prize is 1 out of 36,525
  • Fourth Prize 1st Prize in 1458.
  • 5th Prize: One out of 179

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Bhagyalaxmi FAQs

Q Is Bhagyalaxmi result inform me whether I’ve been successful?

A A: No, Bhagyalaxmi does not provide lottery results. We offer information and other services related to lotteries.

Q: What’s different between the Jackpot and grand prize?

A Jackpot is the most prized prize in an online lottery. The grand prize is the second highest prize.

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